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The goal of sustainability is to enhance the quality of life without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainability is achieved by balancing the social and economic needs of humans with the environment. We  shall  adopt sustainability in our day to day lives, in our thinking, and in all aspects of our behavior.

Sustainability can be interpreted and defined in many different ways.

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainability as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (1987).

There are three main pillars that make up sustainability; often referred to as the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profits or the 3 E’s: Environment, Economic, and Social Equity.

Our story for sustainability encompasses all the three main pillars embedded not only in our branding DNA, but in what we strive as an organisation to achieve


Sustainable Living

The project provides a unique and healthy lifestyle that blends smoothly with nature from the shaded cycling and jogging tracks across the buffer zone, to the outdoor gym stations, and equestrian center. Health and education is also an important aspect of the community with various clinics, a nursery, school, and an innovation center for students and professionals.

And for leisure and entertainment, the hotel and country club provides a relaxing getaway for both residents and guests, along with other activities in different parts of the city.

The first net zero service and maintenance community in Dubai, The Sustainable City will partner with its residents in the financial returns of the commercial activities taking place at the community mall.

Residents of the community above the age of 16 will also benefit from the various employment opportunities in the farm, school, community mall, hotel and many others parts of the city.

The first net zero energy development in the region, with 10 megawatt peak solar installation, and 100% water and waste recycling. The project has its own solar farm within the community with solar panels across all the parking stations and the residential areas rooftops.

To purify the air and help cool the temperature, Thousands of layers of trees are distributed around the buffer zone and the productive green spine, residents will enjoy locally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The Sustainable City



The borders of the City will act as a first line of defense against pollutants. There is an impressive 10 meter high “green wall” around our green…

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As every experienced rider will agree, it’s the little details that can make the biggest difference. We want our riders and their horses to feel relaxed

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The Sustainable City residential clusters offer a grand total of 500 units broken up into 5 clusters of a 100 each all of which connected to the central green spine…

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Sustainable city is a farming community where the green spine forms the back bone of the community which is designed as an ecosystem where each unit plays….

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Our very own solar farm inside the city, the solar shaded parking lots on both sides of the clusters generate enough electricity to power all outdoor LED lighting as well as charge electric vehicles and golf carts through dedicated charging stations.

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Diamond Square

Diamond Square is a 15,000-square metre mixed-use area located near the entrance of The Sustainable City. It comprises five low-rise (ground plus three floors) blocs with shops, restaurants, cafes, offices and apartments available for lease ranging from studios to one- and two-bedrooms.

The aim of the retail area is to provide sufficient services to the community to sustain their families whilst providing destination facilities to encourage other residents in the Dubailand area to utilize and thereby securing an additional income for the community.

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For the educational well being of the community’s youth, the school in The Sustainable City will take a progressive approach to education with a special focus on sustainability…

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For a relaxed and pleasant getaway, guests and visitors can enjoy the neighborhood sustainability experience in the Hotel Indigo located within the city. It is the first of its kind resort in the region, which is powered 100% by solar energy.

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In conjunction to the hotel, The Sustainable City’s country club will be a host to a world class wellness center, offering a range of facilities including a spa, gym as well as indoor and outdoor sports courts.

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To make learning fun & practical with a differentiated approach, a sustainable edutainment center surrounded by a large green open space, located in close proximity of the Central Green Spine, will offer both indoor and outdoor interactive exhibits in the fields of Energy…

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Referred to as the brain of the city, the Diamond Innovation Center is the first negative lifecycle footprint building in the region. Over an anticipated 50 year lifespan…

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With every house purchase the residents will get a free electrical buggy that will encourage them to use clean energy for transportation, as well as keeping the residential roads clear from cars and safe for families and children.

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Sq ft (46 Hectars) Total Area
Net Service and Maintenance Fees
MWp Solar Production
Science and Academic



Active cooperation with leading Universities

Diamond Developers is cooperating actively with leading international Universities to advance knowledge and practices related to sustainability and the built environment. The company’s commitment to build bridges between academia and practice has been strong ever since CEO Faris Saeed visited the West Village at the University of California Davis in 2010. The West Village at UC Davis is a unique, net zero energy mixed-use University campus project that served as an inspiration for the development of The Sustainable City in Dubai.

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