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The borders of The Sustainable City act as the first line of defense against pollutants. The remarkable 10-metre-high buffer zone running along the periphery of the development consists of 2,500 trees scattered in multiple layers. This purifies the air coming into the city and creates a breeze.



The Sustainable City contains 500 villas grouped into five residential clusters connected to an urban farm that runs the length of the City. Each cluster is comprised of 90 Courtyard Villas, eight Garden Villas, and two Signature Villas.

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A flourishing park runs through the entire length of The Sustainable City, forming the community’s Central Green Spine. There are 11 biodome greenhouses running the length of the Central Green Spine, with a total capacity of over 3,000 square metres for urban farming. The Sustainable City has begun cultivation with the plan to diversify and grow as many fruits and vegetables as possible in these domes and along the green spine.

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The Plaza is a 15,000-square meter mixed-use area located near the entrance of The Sustainable City. It?s comprised of five low-rise blocks with shops, restaurants, cafes, offices and apartments available for lease. The aim of the retail area is to provide sufficient services for the community to sustain their families whilst providing destination facilities to encourage other residents in the Dubailand area to utilize. Thereby, securing an additional income for the community that covers maintenance and operations.

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The Sustainable City provides two parking spaces shaded by solar panels plus additional spaces for communal electric buggies for each villa. The maximum distance from the Solar Car Parks to the villas is 85 meters.


The Sustainable City Equestrian Centre offers residents quality riding classes from three-years of age to adults up to the intermediate level. The centre will offer 30-minute lessons for beginners and 45-minute for intermediates, with 62 well-schooled Arabian, thoroughbred, and mix-breed horses.

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Referred to as the brain of The Sustainable City,  See Institute is the first Positive Energy Building in the region. This means that over an anticipated 50-year lifespan, the building itself will produce 140 percent of its energy requirement, thus offsetting emissions during construction, operation, and decommissioning. This iconic building will be off-grid and provide a state-of-the-art amphitheater for 700 people, as well as a spacious atrium for exhibitions.

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The school sets a standard for world-class education that integrates sustainability in all its forms environmental, social and economic through high standards and innovative teaching practices. It provides an education that instils a love of learning, an appreciation of green living and develops well-rounded, globally-minded and creative problem solvers.

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Sanad Village offers a holistic, comprehensive and integrated approach towards Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) providing pathways into society for individuals and a support system for the whole family. Through bespoke programmes that assess the child, the environment and nutrition, treatment is given across many therapeutic disciplines and is combined with specialized education. Continuous and centralised supervision contributes to optimal progression.



The Sustainable City Mosque is accommodating up to 700 worshippers and integrates innovative design technologies to minimise energy and water consumption. This state-of-the-art mosque is well insulated to prevent thermal heat gain, fitted with LED lighting, and is cooled using high-efficiency AC systems.