The Community Development Authority visits Sanad Village in The Sustainable City

A delegation from the Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA) visited Sanad Village in The Sustainable City to learn about the center’s comprehensive approach that sets up a new global standard for the rehabilitation, inclusion and empowerment of People of Determination.

Led by HE Ahmed Julfar, Director General of CDA, the delegation toured the 30,000 square meter facility learning about the sustainable concepts and observing children who benefit from the center’s holistic and integrated approach, towards treating and understanding autism and other related disorders.

The delegation visited the residential area, followed by the fully equipped classrooms, and therapeutic facilities where children are assessed as an ongoing and continuous part of Sanad Village care. During the tour, HE Ahmed Julfar interacted with therapists and specialists, who work alongside each other to monitor and optimize progression in a child’s journey towards self-reliance.

CDA representatives praised the efforts of Sanad Village and The Sustainable City (TSC) in ensuring the real-life simulation areas such as the mall, clinic, and mock airport, which are vital components in enabling children at Sanad Village to prepare for the transition into self-reliance. The delegation also toured the outer grounds of Sanad Village, including the exercise facilities, playgrounds, community gardens, and biodomes, which give children at Sanad Village access to nature.

During the visit, HE Ahmed Julfar, Director General, CDA praised the developed facilities and the integrated rehabilitation model implemented by the village, utilizing the state-of-the art technologies and solutions to meet the diverse needs of the rehabilitation stages and the children individual needs. “We are pleased to see here in the heart of Dubai such a large and sustainable center that helps developing People of Determination skills and capabilities to participate and integrate in the community and pave the way for them to achieve self-reliance in proportion to their abilities. CDA will work on joint initiatives with the center to expand the benefit from its experience and to enhance its reach to greater number of service providers and beneficiaries.

Thanking the CDA representatives for their visit, Engineer Faris Saeed, Chairman of Diamond Developers said: “Sanad Village underlines The Sustainable City (TSC)’s commitment towards supporting Dubai’s strategy for People of Determination and contribute towards achieving the Emirate’s vision. With the ongoing support from respected authorities like Community Development Authority (CDA), we are confident that we can continue positively contributing towards this humanitarian and sustainable vision”.

The delegation was earlier welcomed by Engineer Faris Saeed and the department heads of Sanad Village.

The delegation also visited The Sustainable City to learn and understand more about the green and smart design of the city that observes the highest standards of social, environmental, and economic sustainability with an integrated and inclusive social approach.