Bringing a Community of Extraordinary Designers & Entrepreneurs Showcasing handcrafted, Ethical, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Products.

A Vibrant Artisanal Experience

Origin is a vibrant, bi-monthly, al fresco, artisanal experience at The Sustainable City plaza which brings together a community of extraordinary designers, entrepreneurs and artisans; providing a unique creative platform to showcase their handcrafted, ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Homegrown, Authentic Artisan

All our vendors are carefully vetted and selected, so our customers can feel good about what they are buying – safe in the knowledge that the products
they take home are only the best quality goods, from local, ethical producers.

We?re proud to be part of a bigger, global environmental movement and inspiring others to do the same. While our vendors products don?t have to be fully sustainable, we appreciate each and every effort our partners make towards ensuring a better future for the planet.


Sharing the Way and Giving Back

Easy, Accessible and Affordable

We know the time and love that goes into the products our partners make. That’s why we believe it’s only fair to showcase the unique stories, craftsmanship, history and heritage behind the products we sell, and the passionate people behind them.

We welcome a small but select group of forward-thinking artisans, designers, entrepreneurs and some of the most creative minds in the region. Our vendors showcase products of impeccable quality, craftsmanship and design.

Creative and Forward thinking