The Sustainable City to use biodiesel for new developments

Diamond Developers has adopted B100 biodiesel to fuel the construction of the new buildings in phase 2 of Dubai Sustainable City, the new developments include Fairgreen International School, Hotel Indigo, and the innovation centre.

The renewable fuel alternative is manufactured from used cooking oil consumed by restaurants located in the community plaza, and will allow The Sustainable City to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year during the construction period.

Faris Saeed, CEO of Diamond Developers, the company behind The Sustainable City, said: “As The Sustainable City continues to grow, we are pleased to be bringing our construction methods in line with our sustainable philosophy. B100 biodiesel minimises nearly all forms of air pollution and particularly greenhouse gases, so while protecting the environment, it will also allow us to maintain the pure, clean and untainted environment that our residents enjoy at the community. By switching to B100 biodiesel, we are taking a new step in our ongoing strategy to explore and adopt sustainable solutions at The Sustainable City.”

According to WAM, the Sustainable City’s B100 biodiesel is manufactured from used cooking oil and produced at Neutral Fuels’ bio-refinery in Dubai Investment Park. Compared to conventional gasoline and petroleum diesel, B100 cuts harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide by 50%, polyaromatic hydrocarbons by 90%, nitrogen oxides by 95%, and particulate matter by 99%.

B100 diesel is non-hazardous, which minimises occupational risk, and is also sulphur free and 100% biodegradable, meaning it leaves no toxic residues. It requires no engine modifications and its high lubricity, combined with its excellent cleaning properties, make it the ideal sustainable alternative to conventional diesel.