The Sustainable City offers uniquely sustainable eduction with Esol Education

Esol Education has announced it will open a second school in September 2018, this time in Dubai’s The Sustainable City.

Fairgreen International School will offer the full International Baccalaureate curriculum, and will incorporate sustainability as an integral part of its educational programme.

By focusing on sustainability within its curriculum, Fairgreen hopes to help the UAE achieve its sustainable development goals (SDGs) as outlined in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and adopted by the Dubai Plan 2021 and the UAE’s National Committee on SDGs.

Esol Education chairman Walid Abushakra commented: “From the campus and architecture to the curriculum and activities, the entire school will adhere to a ‘sustainability first’ ethos. Our graduates will understand the urgency and importance of sustainable living, which will guide their academic and career choices. They will be pioneers of renewable energy research and urban agriculture, eco-entrepreneurs and public policy change makers,”

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, director general of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority noted: “Sustainability is often described not just as a state of harmony with the environment around us, but also harmony with ourselves and each other. Fairgreen International School at The Sustainable City will provide a unique education offering to parents in Dubai, and will enrich Dubai’s schools landscape. We look forward to working with our friends at Esol Education to add yet another layer of quality to education in Dubai and bring out the best from within our community.”

Fairgreen’s campus has been designed to minimise the school’s environmental impact, utilizing solar power for all its energy needs, recycling all its water for agricultural use, and implementing waste separation and wind energy generation.

Fairgreen’s curriculum will also integrate sustainability, featuring hands-on project-based learning, innovative teaching methods, technology initiatives and worldwide partnerships with experts and organisations in sustainability-related research and practice.

Facilities at the school will include technology-enabled classrooms, laboratories and maker-spaces, research and food production labs, a library and learning hub, and arts and music labs. The school’s athletic complex will include a swimming pool, a large indoor multi-purpose gym and auditorium, outdoor soccer field, courts and playgrounds.

Students will also have access to Sustainable City’s Innovation Centre, Junior Innovation Centre, equestrian centre, and biking and jogging tracks. One of The Sustainable City’s bio-domes will be dedicated to the school and will serve as its Health, Wellness, and Learning Centre, led by Global Teacher Prize nominee Stephen Ritz, whom the school operator has partnered with on sustainability initiatives. The centre will be modelled on the innovative programmes Ritz has established in one of New York City’s most disadvantaged communities. The Centre will engage Fairgreen’s students in project-based learning through urban farming, vertical farming, and other endeavours that promote health, wellness, and sustainability.

This is the second school Esol has announced for a September 2018 start. Earlier this year, the school operator said it would open Dunecrest American School, which will offer the American curriculum, near Dubai’s Al Barari community, along the Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.