The Sustainable City spearheads another world first by introducing ‘Aqueous Ozone’

The Sustainable City (TSC) has become the world’s first development to introduce ‘Aqueous Ozone’ – a sustainable natural oxidiser that is up to fifty times more effective than common household bleach.  This ground-breaking technology has been adopted as part of TSC’s ongoing sustainability efforts, which have made it the Middle East’s first operational sustainable community.

Karim El Jisr, Executive Director of Diamond Innovation Centre, commented: “At the Sustainable City’s Diamond Innovation Centre, we are constantly exploring new products and services, as well as seeking out the latest technologies to push the boundaries of sustainability in the built environment. We are proud to bring ‘Aqueous Ozone’ from CleanCore Technologies USA to the UAE for the first time, as it will offer our residents a powerful cleaning solution that is not only 100% natural and eco-friendly, but also safer than traditional cleaning chemicals and generated on-site using tap water and solar energy. The product mimics the forces of nature.”

Ozone is made up of three atmospheric atoms. Using new technology from CleanCore Technologies USA, oxygen is infused into regular cold tap water to create ‘Aqueous Ozone’, poured into a spray bottle and used just like a traditional cleaning solution. Ozone is a powerful oxidising agent that eliminates bacteria, viruses and contaminants. ‘Aqueous Ozone’ can therefore, be used for a wide variety of cleaning purposes – from cleaning floors and carpets to disinfecting kitchen and bathroom surfaces – before naturally converting back to oxygen and water to be reabsorbed into the air we breathe. It is a toxic-free alternative that leaves no harmful residue or vapours compared to traditional cleaners.

Adrienne Doolan, CEO of Green Touches, commented: “Analysis of CleanCore’s Aqueous Ozone products shows that its impact on environmental and human health is 65-97% better than that of conventional chemicals – a positive effect which is augmented by the reduction in packaging materials, transportation fuels, and chemical manufacturing processes. Our company is delighted to be bringing this solution to The Sustainable City, as it furthers our vision of creating a greener environment for present and future generations.”

Karim El Jisr concluded: “We will be installing filling stations in the community so residents can refill their own spray bottles with ‘Aqueous Ozone’ on demand and for free. Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals will not only improve indoor environmental quality but also improve grey water quality. With the growing emphasis on wellness and well-being as a complement to conventional building rating systems, we hope to inspire other communities to adopt ‘Aqueous Ozone’.”

The Sustainable City is the first city in the world to offer its residents a sustainable cleaning solution that is aligned with the three sustainable pillars of the community: environmental, economic and social. In a hostile desert environment, the success of The Sustainable City is a testament to the fact that if sustainability works here, it will work anywhere.