Diamond Developers’ technical tour of its pioneering project, The Sustainable City in Dubai, took center stage as the main attraction at this year’s Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) earlier this week. The opening of the project at The Sustainable City stand drew a record number of visitors, amongst which His Excellency Dr. Thani Al Zyoodi, Dubai’s Climate Change and Environment Minister, was in attendance.

Diamond Developers conducted the tour in the presence of over 50 international delegates after being specially selected as the exclusive presenters. With the help of the latest technologies, visitors were given a tour of what life will be like in the remarkable Sustainable City’s villas and were guided through its extensive self-sustaining greenhouses and Biodomes. Faris Saeed, CEO and Co-Founder of Diamond Developers, said, “Our technical tour of The Sustainable City at this year’s Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has resulted in interested visitors from all over the world flocking to the stand,” adding, “We showcased our state-of-the-art concept to a crowd of visitors, some of who were astonished that the city exists and people are already living in it. This was only a dream for many people, but through this project we are turning that dream into a reality and showing our community that Dubai’s commitment to green living is real and achievable.”

The Sustainable City in Dubai is being designed to meet the highest environmental standards by adopting a sustainable approach in its quest to become a regional landmark for eco-tourism and global environmental protection. The development promotes the idea of urban agriculture with the inclusion of a 3 hectare farm running across the City’s central spine, complete with its own Biodomes and charging stations for electric cars and golf carts.

“We would like to thank the organizers ADNEC for this incredible opportunity to showcase The Sustainable City to the world,” Faris noted. “We are excited to be a part of this pioneering project, and honored to have been selected to provide this years technical tour. Through this event, we had the chance to unveil the progress we have made towards creating a world-class, integrated, sustainable community in Dubai.”