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Well-being & Lifestyle

The Sustainable City was recognized as Happiest Community in Dubai and to achieve that we have gone to great lengths to increase the sense of community feel with all facilities and services provided.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle



It also hosts numerous free sports activities every week like: Powerwalk, Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, Zumba – weekly fitness programs in the fresh air for the residents after a hard working day. Sport ingevents, such as mini triathlon, bike workshop, Mini Para Olympics for kids, football tournament, Community run, and others- are only a small part of the tournaments and sport activities in The Sustainable City.

The clinics in The Sustainable City practice a holistic approach that looks beyond the illness, at the whole human being.

We apply a comprehensive practice that works to address the cause of disease, rather than treating or suppressing its symptoms.
These clinics will offer specialized health care that includes rehabilitation services & physiotherapy, as well as autism and special needs education and care.

The city provides different sustainable transportation options that include access to public transportation, communal electric buggies, concierge service, EV charging stations, and soon an EV sharing program.


There are four playgrounds located throughout the clusters that are safe & unique, the colorful floors of these playgrounds are made of crumb rubber which is made of recycled tires rubber.

As part of the respect we have towards the Earth, as well as all creatures big and small that share it, The Sustainable City is invested in creating an environment that fosters this respect to animals.

The city hosts an Equestrian Centre with 28 horses, chicken coops in the farm area, ducks in the pond and bee hives, plus the latest addition The Dog Park.


FAQs The Sustainable City Dog Park


The Sustainable City recognizes that sustainability is not just about creating environmentally-friendly homes and adopting green practices. At the heart of the sustainability concept, first and foremost, is the respect we have towards earth and all the creatures we share it with. The Sustainable City is invested in creating and environment that fosters and promotes this respect towards animals.

Currently, we have an Equestrian Centre with 28 horses, chicken coops, ducks in the pond and bee hives. Now we are introducing the latest addition of the dog park. We also have pet grooming services and, in the near future, a veterinary clinic. All of this means that animals are part of the daily life here in The Sustainable City. If you are an animal lover, this community is for you!



Where is the dog park?

The Sustainable City dog park is located near the Sustainable Plaza. Parking is available near Zoom supermarket. Our Sustainable Plaza is also home to pet friendly restaurants and a cafe, so you can grab a coffee or lunch on your way over!



How big is the dog park?

18 x 50 meters-squared.



How do I register and what are the costs?

 You can register your dog with the Kingfield Community Office. You are required to bring the vaccination book and a photo of your dog(s).  Once there, you will fill out the following forms:

  • Personal Information
  • Release of Liability
  • Membership Rules

Payment for residents is Dhs300 per dog per year. For non-residents, it is Dhs600 per dog per year.



What do we get once we register?

You will receive a silver TSC dog tag, with a number on it, as proof of registration and allow full access.



When is the dog park open?

The dog park is open 7 days a week, from 6am – 10pm.



What are the rules?

 As part of the community, anyone using the dog park is to respect The Sustainable City community rules. All dogs must be registered with Dubai Municipality and fully vaccinated. No prohibited dog breeds. No dog fights. The area must remain clean, so remember to pick up after your dog. Do not leave your dog unattended.



What if my dog was attacked by another dog? Is there a vet on site?

You are fully responsible for the safety of yourself and your dog. The park is here for every dog to enjoy and you are responsible for your dog’s behavior.

A veterinary clinic called Start Vets will soon open in The Sustainable City.



We hope you enjoy this space and meet lots of new friends, four legged or human! For more information, please contact the Kingfield Community Office on  04-2727908.

*Kingfield has the right to close the park at short notice for events purposes. Terms and conditions apply (all terms and conditions are uploaded on our website)*